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chemical 69 review

first impression :: 4 / 5

i love the background vertical stripes and the pink - it makes your site look very pretty and generally a nice site to visit. i'm not sure about the image though, because it does look slightly dodgy, but then you might want that kind of 'x-rated' feel. i don't mind the image all that much though, and i agree - she is very gorgeous ^_^

layout :: 4 / 5

great ^_^ i love layouts like this and i especially like the fact that you've fitted your site to both 800 / 600 and 1024 / 768 screens. well done ^^ the only other things that i can complain about your layout is that the grey background colour in your text boxes clashes with the pink in the rest of the site. i think that it's a little too dark and that maybe if it was just a few shades lighter then it would look a lot better. i think that you have a few too many boxes of information down the right hand side of the screen and it irks me slightly that users using 800 x 600 resolution have to scroll down for quite a while to get to the bottom of it all. you might want to think about removing some of the things shown on that side into different sections or removing them altogether, but it's your choice.

organization :: 4 / 5

your site has very good organization - everything is easy to find and very clear. i like the way that you've written a short discription of what's in each section in your navigation links. there are very few sites that do this and it think that it's a very good idea - well done. the only thing that i would change is the order of your navigation links. personally, i would put them in this order ::

-Return home

-HTML, CSS, PSP, Livejournal

-Looking to get hosted?

-A short bio

-My other projects

- Frequently Asked Questions (popup)

-Various recommended links

-Listings, cliques etc.

-Please leave me your feedback. It's appriciated.

but, again, it's up to you.

content :: 4 / 5

great content, but just a few problems with where some things are placed. i think that the links to your site should be placed in the links section, as they are links. some people may find them hard to find when they're looking to link back to your with an image link. i also think that you should place your email in the line 'Spotted an error? Please let me know.' in your 'DOMAIN' section. i love the 'TUTORIALS' section by the way, and will probably use a lot of the info there :3

ability to understand :: 5 / 5

you site is very easy to understand, and i don't think that anyone could get lost or fail to comprehend any of it. you've marked everything out and made sure that everything is clear, so you get 5 / 5 for that. go you.

errors :: 5 / 5

amazing - i can't find one single spelling error and i've been all over the side to find at least one ^^' so very well done on that section, because not many sites have no spelling errors what so ever. also, all of your links work - basically, there are no errors on your site at all. i applaud you ^_^

bonus :: 3 / 5

i love your 'Tutorials & Scripts' links, and have bookmarked all of them. i also love your 'TUTORIALS' section and your other projects are great and have also been bookmarked ^_^

Overall: 29/35 = great site

overall i think your site is great. i love your layout and the general content of your site is both interesting and good to look at. well done ^_^

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