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This is a community for you to submit your website to be reviewed.
Although non of the reviewers will be cruel, we won't sugar coat anything either, we'll try to tell you what we think is good, and what is bad, and try to give you advice to help you improve your website.
Each reviewer has their favourite type of website to review, so please try and request the reviewer most suited to your website.


You're website most be up and running. (That means no websites on haitus/vacation/under construction)

Everyone has different opinions, so if you don't like the review you get from one reviewer you're welcome to request another one, but it would save a lot of time if you request the reviewer most suited to your website.

Don't submit a website with content that might offend someone. (although shounen ai and shoujo ai are okay)

You are allowed to submit websites built with a pagebuilder (although some reviewers may give you a harder time if you do) or with layouts and/or graphics designed by someone else as long as you credit the creator.

You have to link back to this community, if you don't have a link up when one of the reviewers visits your site you won't get reviewed and will be pushed to the back of the que.

English Websites only, or at least websites with an english version, because we can't review your website if you can't understand it.

You're welcome to submit more then one site to be reviewed, but please submit them one at a time and wait until after your first submission is completed before you submit the second, and wait for the second to be completed before you submit the third and so on.

Although you don't have to, it would be wonderful if you joined this lj community.

If you aren't happy with your review then you're welcome to request another review, but only after you've made some noticeable changes, such as a new layout, more content, etc.

Although constructive critisism is welcome outright flamming will NOT be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

Agree to the rules? Then request a review

We currently need more reviewers, so please comment in the community, Sascha's LiveJournal or send an email to reviews @ crimsonpoison.net (remove spaces) if you're interested.
Thank you.


0 to 5 points will be given for each of the listed catagories:
First impression
Ability to understand

We will review your website and give your site a rating of Poor, Good, Great or Excellent based on the total amount of point's recieved.
31-35pts Excellent
21-30 Great
11-20 Good
0-10 Poor


Name: Sascha
Position: Founder, Reviewer, Administrator, Community owner.
Livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kiniro_ryu
Prefered sites: Anime, Manga, Graphics, Fansites, Fanlistings, Personal... any really.
Style: Will be kind, but not overly so. Will point out what she feels could be improved and will try to suggest how to do it. Will also point out what she feels is good and shouldn't be changed.
Comments: Layouts and Graphics matter most to me, so if your website is ugly then I'll give it a lower rating. Also, I don't like people who TyPE LIkE THIs. (Read Sascha's introduction here)

Name: Integra
Position: Maintainer, reviewer.
Livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/integra1296
Prefered sites: Anime, Manga, Music, Fansites, Graphics...
Style: Although she does not have much experience with making web pages, she will point out anything she sees that may need to be improved upon.

Name Psyence
Postition: Reviewer
Livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/~holy_falling/
Prefered Sites: music, fanfiction, fanart, manga, anime, mp3 rotations
Style: style - point out anything that looks wrong/odd and any html that's wrong. Although she won't be overly harsh.
Comments: Layouts matter to me ... and I hate pagebuilder websites. (Read Pysence's full introduction here)

Name Hizumi
Postition: Reviewer
Livejournal: Xanga: http://www.xanga.com/jrock_me
Prefered Sites: Anime, mp3 rotations, fansites
Style: Will point anything abnormal out, help with the colors and how they can be an attention getter. Will say what she feels about the site without that much harshness but to where the person understands it fully

Name: Satori
Position: Reviewer
Livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/satori_rahyne
Preferred sites: personal, blogs, domains, writing,
graphics, fanlistings, character shrines
Style: Will point out any errors or misinformation and
possible coding problems, will give suggestions for
improvement. Won't be harsh.
Comments: Layouts and graphics are a big deal for me..
I really don't like pagebuilder sites either, though
I'll review them fairly. It also helps if your grammar
and spelling is decent, I'm slightly picky about that.
Also, I don't review mp3 rotation sites. And a last
important thing for me is loading time!

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Sascha's Graphics Website, Crimson Poison. Psyence's L'arc~en~Ciel fan site
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Link to us

Please link to http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=websitereviewer
Although a text link is fine we would love it if you use one of these buttons. (Please upload onto your own server)
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