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Introducing Sascha

I probably should of done this earlier.

My name is Sascha, I am the creator and head-reviewer of this community.
I've been designing graphics for over a year now, I've also known HTML for over 2 years.
I will try to give an honest review without being overly cruel or kind to your website.
When juding your website I will first judge on 1: Layout and Graphics, 2: Navigationability 3: Content and 4: Understandability (If you use a lot of internet slang or TyPE LikE THIs then that will be deducted from your score)
Although I have always created my own graphics I won't judge you poorly if you use a website designed by someone else, as long as you credit them. Also, unlike some other reviewers, if you use a page-builder then I will not deduct that from your score either... I will on the other hand be more critical of the content and colour co-ordination of the site.
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