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Interstellar Dreams Review.

Date: 26 March 2005
Name: Interstellar Dreams
Type: Personal/Domain.

First Impression: 4/5
I like the colours a lot, but the splash page is just a little bit plain.
Extra points for the 'leave' link to google though.

Layout: 3/5
Made for 800x600 and I use 1024x768. Although it works perfectly fine it looks just a little bit plain. I don't really understand why you use an iframe with scrollbars though. Personally I would get rid of those.
The layout image kinda bugs me. It looks rather yellow compaired to the colours of the background and if you used a hard-light layer on it then you made it a little too visible. I'd recommend trying to tone it down a little bit, as Tidus looks rather shiney.

Organization: 5/5
Navigation and organization are perfect.

Content: 5/5
There is a lot of content here, more then I find on some personal/domain sites.
I like how you let people read some older updates and how much information you give on your other sites. Especially since you include all sites, even closed/deleted ones not just current sites.

Ability to understand: 5/5
No problem understanding any part of the site.

Errors: 3/5
In the 'updates' section;

"Added two new affiliates, changed the layout, and got a new tutorial up, on CSS."
The link to the tutorial opens up a white page with black text in the large iframe.

The link to Kloud-Nine opens up in the large iframe.

The link to the winamp skins brings up your (very nice) 404 Error page.

The link to both the tagboard and the archives opens up a black page with broken images in the large iframe.

In the 'links' section;

The link to Beautiful Psychopath ( is broken.

In the 'Contact' section the link to your livejournal opens up in the large iframe... I'm only assuming that it's a mistake.

Bonus: 5/5
A lot of content. Not to mention all of the info on your old sites.

Overall: 30/35 = Great site
Overall your site is very good.
It has more information then most personal/domain websites.
I can't really recommend anything as such to help you improve, I can only suggest that you change the links in the old updates when you change the layout and to remove those scrollbars in the large iframe.
Also, may I suggest you change some of the wording in the 'hosting' section, because you sound quite scary sometimes.
Tell people what you mean by a month. (Do you mean 28 days or do you mean the same date of the following month)
"take advantage of my offering you space." to "Take advantage of the space I have given you."
"my site or other sites." to "My site or someone else's site."
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