Sascha (kiniro_ryu) wrote in websitereviewer,


This is a new community, with only one member currently, although I am looking for more.
I'm currently looking for websites to review (Don't worry, although I won't sugar coat anything I won't be be totally heartless, and I will suggest anything I can think of to help improve your website.) and also for reviewers (who preferably know HTML and will review the same way I will, which is not sugar-coated but not cruel either, just the happy in between)
Please comment here if you want to become a reviewer (you have to have a website, or some other proof of your HTML skills up though, so that I can see you know what you're talking about) or if you want your website reviewed (please tell me what kind of website it is before hand though and if it's not 100% complete at least make sure it's about 80% complete, also I won't review any adult websites or anything like that)
Thank you.

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