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Webmaster: Psyence

First Impression: 5/5
I love the splash page. Grey on grey often either looks really good, or really awful. You've managed to get the former, rather then the latter.

Layout: 5/5
A lot of white... If the image of hide wasn't in black and white also then I would say it looks cold, but as it is it looks very professional.
This has to be one of the very, very few white layouts that I have ever liked.

Organization: 5/5
Navigation and organization is perfect... Probably better then my own site, actually.

Content: 5/5*
My only complaint here is that there is too much!
I'm not kidding, there is a lot of content in on this website, it took me so long to go through this website that I didn't have time to read my book before going to bed.
All of the graphics are extremely good on this website. I was actually tempted to use one or two of the layouts myself, which is saying something really.
My favourite layouts are the Passion, Lost Complex, Broken Promises, Colorize and Untitled div layouts,

Ability to understand: 5/5*
I had no trouble understanding your website at all.

Errors: 4/5
At first I thought I noticed a few grammar errors, for example, you wrote your name aurora, rather then Aurora... but then I noticed that it was consister through every page of the site, so I'm not going to take away any points for that, as it's obviously intentional personal style, rather then mistakes.

In your poetry section:
There is no link back to the the main poetry from the poem;

You've placed two links to Porcelain angel [16], one in the correct place, one between Perfection [8] and Punishment [9].

In your Short stories section there are a few mistakes in the story Franny, but I won't correct them here because I don't want to put the story up in this community.
If you want me to proof-read the story for you then comment here.

Bonus: 3/5
Your poetry is great... seriously.
My favourite poems are: Blackmail, I hate you, Life's Misgivings, Porcelain Angel, Hush, Musings, Word and hide.

Overall: 32/35 = Excellent Site
No matter how picky I tried to be... it's very, very hard to fault your site.
Only thing I can suggest that may help it improve would be to host your wallpapers and avatars on your site's own server, rather then Photobucket. I know you use Geocities, so that may not be possible, but you could try going onto and see if anyone would be interested in hosting you on their server. Then that should get rid of that annoyind advert as well.
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