Sascha (kiniro_ryu) wrote in websitereviewer,

Review for An'ya Ame

This is a forum, so I'm not exactly sure how to review it... but here's the best I can do.

First Impression: 3/5
The picture at the top is good, so is the backgroud.
Only thing I don't like is the... what would you call them? Navigation buttons? They look a little messy whatever they are.

Layout: 4/5
It's good, but as I mentioned earlier, the Navigation buttons or whatever they are.
They look messy. Why is the word 'HELP' blurred by the way?
They would look much better if you picked on a border, and used it on all of them, not just some. Also, it would be much better if you 'Greyscaled' all of them, and just had the text in red, though not covering their faces.

Organization: 5/5
Easy to find everything... nothing that I can complain about there.

Rules: 5/5
Nothing wrong with the rules... the board is new, over time you may need to add some, but for now it's fine.

Ability to understand the rules/Navigation: 4/5
The Design section I find a little confusing... I thought at first it was about your duo, but there are posts in there appear to be about general graphic designs.
If it's about your duo then perhaps you should move those posts into 'Gallery'?

Overall: 21/25 = Great Site.
Overall, it's a good forum... although it's a little too new for me to be able to judge it fully.
A suggestion would be for you to have more Moderators, although I wouldn't worry about it until after you get more members.
Also it might be advisable to change the 'You must post rule' to:
You have to post, if you don't most your account will be deleted.
If you want to you can always rejoin.
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