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Water Drop Review

First Impression: 4/5
The Splash page is a little plain... This is just a suggestion, but perhaps if you centered it it would look a little better, it's still looks okay though.
The website layout is great. I love it.

Layout: 4/5
I love the layout... although when you scroll down it begins to look a little plain, as the top image ends and all that's left is white.

Organization: 5/5
Nothing bad to say here... It's better organised then my website.

Content: 3/5
There is a fair amount of content here... although some of the graphics aren't of the best quality... It's not that they're ugly, because they're actually quite good, it's just that it's the actual image, it looks like you softened them a lot to hide noise or the fact that you resized them. I'm not sure, but it seems to me like you either need to resize them differently or save them differently, I'm not sure which as I don't know which program you use. Also perhaps you could try searching for better quality images.

Ability to understand: 3/5
I found the Request, Reviews and Submit section a little hard to understand at first. You should make it more clear what you mean by 'request' and 'submit'. Also you should make it clear that it is reviews of your website in the 'reviews' section, not reviews you have done of other people's websites.

Errors: 0/5

On the home page;
Unknown/Misc. Winamp SKin (1) Would look much better if it was '1 Unknown/Misc. Winamp Skin.'

In the About section;

"Lookit me smile" Should be 'Look at me smile'.
"Can't wait for the new movie to come out! FF7 Advent Children 2005!!!" Really should be "I can't wait for the new movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, to be released!"

In the Aim Expressions section;
Full Moon wo Saga should be 'Full Moon wo Sagashite'

In the Joined section;
All except the last two Final Fantasy fanlistings open up in your website's Frame or Iframe and one of the links are broken.

In the Links section;
The link for a link exchange doesn't work.
Also the link for Disillusioned Fantasies doesn't work either.

In the Wallpaper section;

One of the Final Fantasy wallpapers don't work. The 1024X768 version of this one.
The second Fruits Basket wallpaper, the sizes are mixed up, when I click on 800X600 it gives me the 1024X768 and the 1024X768 gives me 800X600

All of the Fushigi Yugi wallpapers either open up in your frame (I assume that is a mistake as your other wallpapers open up in new windows) or are broken links.
Most of the Rurouni Kenshin ones also open up in the frame and the 1024X768 version of this wallpaper is a broken link.

Bonus: 0/5

Overall: 19 = Good Site
This site has a lot of potential, it's just not being used. Perhaps if the images used in it's graphics were better quality then this site would be awesome.
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