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Silent_Verse Review


First Impression:: 5/5

I did enjoy opening up the window and looking at nice colors, and having a .gif flasher in the opening where it showed all the members. Very nice to match.


Layout:: 4/5

Uhm, the layout is sort of plain. It kind of lacks in use of more colors. Though the blue does match very well, I would like to see more color in it to catch the viewers attention just a little more than right now. But it is easy to get around in, and can be understood without troubles.

Organization:: 5/5

You organized things pretty well. Understandable, and it makes it a whole lot easier for viewers to get access around it.

Content:: 4/5

You did have great history background, and they were pretty nice, but the profiles are what to me, sort of need work.  They do provide good information, but maybe just a bit more would be good ^^. Also, in the "About Me" section you mispelled a word, Family. Not that big of a deal, but just wanted to point that out to you.

Ability to understand:: 5/5

Everything is 100% Understandable ^^

Errors:: 4/5

In the profiles section, some of the words were spaced a little too far apart. And there was that one word that was mispelled which I have already pointed out. Also I'm not too sure on how 'rammen' is spelt, but I am pretty sure it's one m, not two. And all of the links worked fine.

Bonus:: 5/5

Overall, I did enjoy the site. The affiliates and feedback sections are pretty cool. ^^ I really like those. Nice colors for the Affiliates section. Like I said, I really like those two sections.

Overall:: 32/35= Excellent Site ^^

A very nice site indeed, I hope you succeed in what you have in mind for it.

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