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Crimson Poison review

Date: December 9th, '04
Name: Crimson Poison
Type: Graphics

First Impression: 5/5
I love the opening page. The colors match well and I like how you have the fan listings where they are easy to find.

Layout: 3/5
The layout overall is a bit....plain. But, it is easy to understand and navigate.

Organization: 5/5
Organization seems to be perfect other than the "friends only signs" pop-up box mentioned in the errors section.

Content: 5/5
I love the content of your site. Esp. the FAQ's and editorials. Very nice.

Ability to understand: 5/5
100% understandable.

Errors: 2/5
In the downloads section, When you click on any link (i.e. banners, buttons, avatars. etc.) a pop-up box for the friends only signs appear.

There were a total of 8 broken images.

The image on the webmaster page.

3 banners:,, and
and 4 avatars:,,, and

Spelling and grammatical errors:
there are only a few here and there, here are the ones that really irk me:
(errors and comments will be underlined and bolded)

Then what is 'Manga'?

Also, there are a lot of very mangas (very what manga's?) that have never been turned into an anime, so if you only watch anime and never read manga, then you're missing out.

The link to go to "How do I get you to link my site?" says "Who do I get you to link my site?"

Bonus: 5/5
I was absolutly smitten with your anime/manga, jrock, and language FAQ's so, Extra cool points for you ^_^

Overall: 30/35 = Great site
The only things that REALLY stopped you from getting and excellent rating was the really annoying pop-up box and broken images.
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