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high, i'm Psyence ^_^

i'm a reviewer on this community. i'm generally quite leniant on most things and i'm not very harsh when it comes to reviewing but some things irk me more than others. for example, for those of you who use page builder i have no problem with the fact that you do, but if everything is all over the place and messy then i will deduct points and criticize. layouts are important to me so i'll look out for that too, also, navigation is something i'm very fussy about.

i've been doing html for 4 years now, but have only known it properly for the pst 2 years. i have a number of sites over the Internet for different bands and also a personal site. in other words : i love html and i know quite a bit about it.

i'll try and not be biased or cruel when i review and will try and keep an open mind ... but if i'm overly cruel then i'm sorry ... [ your site might deserve it though >.>; ]

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