Sascha (kiniro_ryu) wrote in websitereviewer,

Frozen-Rain Designs

Date: 09 December 2004
Name: Frozen-Rain Designs
Type: Graphics

First Impression: 4/5
Looks good... although the blue on solid white makes the website look a little cold.

Layout: 4/5
I love the image, it looks amazing.
I assume this website is optimized for a 800X600 screen resolution, although it looks fine on my 1024X768 resolution.
The only thing that stopped you from getting the full 5 points is that as I said just now, the blue on solid white looks a little cold.

Organization: 4/5
At first the navigation is a little confusing, but the organization is perfect.

Content: 5/5
My only complaint here is that there is too much!
I'm not kidding, there is a lot of content in on this website, it took me so long to go through this website that I didn't have time to read my book before going to bed.
All of the graphics are extremely good on this website. I was actually tempted to use one or two of the layouts myself, which is saying something really.
My favourite layouts are the Passion, Lost Complex, Broken Promises, Colorize and Untitled div layouts,

Ability to understand: 5/5
I had no trouble understanding your website at all.

Errors:</b> 3/5
There weren't many, and on a site as big as yours that is quite an accomplishment.
The only spelling/grammar/etc. Mistake that I found that was big enough to bug me was the title of the All that WeiB div layout, which should be All that Weiß, although that's such a minor complaint it's not worth taking any points off.
Although I did find a couple broken links and a broken image. most of the links are on the credits or contributors page.
The link to is broken, so are,,, and you accidently left an unwanted " before the slash in the URL to on the 'contributers' page, so the link doesn't work. opens up on an advertisment, as does,,, are all broken
The link to the contest page is broken.
the image for one of your vote for me buttons is broken.
Usually I would deduct more points, but because of the size of your site it would be unreasonable.

Bonus: 5/5
Your links are amazing, I've bookmarked a lot of them.
I adore how the button changes when you hover over the name of one of your affiliates.
The 'free advertising' is a cool idea

Overall: 30/35 = Great site
Overall your site is awesome.
Your graphics are amazing and if my own website wasn't a graphics website I would definately use them myself.
The only thing that stopped it from scoring 'excellent' were the broken links.
With the exception of the links I can't complain about anything on the site.
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