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Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Subject:Those of you waiting for a review of your site...
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:10:03 pm.
Please, please be patient. Those of you who I have promised a review will get your review soon, I just may take a while due to the fact that right now a lot of us are painfully busy and I myself have only spent a maximum of 30 at a time on the internet and reviewing websites usually takes an hour to two hours.
Your reviews will be done over the next two weeks.
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Monday, May 9th, 2005

Posted by:replica.
Time:8:01 pm.
Date: 09 May 2005
Name: shine on
URL: http://shine-on.cjb.net
Type: fanlisting

First Impression 4/5
My first thought was, "is this closed?" I'd suggest making your body cursor and your link cursor different, don't set them both to default because it can be confusing. Also, when I clicked to the main page and saw everything was all caps, I cringed. It makes it seem like you're shouting all your information out, and it makes the text appear more crammed together than it really is.

Layout 3/5
I'm way picky about graphics, so simple layouts don't really appeal to me. And that sun thing was rather bright compared to the rest of the layout, it really hurt my eyes. So much so that I just viewed each page in a frame by itself. Not to mention, with all that blank space I'm not sure why you made the frame cut off at the bottom where it did.

Organization 5/5
Pretty standard organization menu, it makes everything nice and easy to find, and it's easy to understand what is what. Sites that have 'clever' little words as each link without even giving you a title tag to let you know what they are, those drive me crazy, so I'm glad the menu isn't like that!

Content 5/5
Better than a lot of fanlistings, as it actually has extra information about the artist, whereas most fanlistings are nothing more than a very small about page and then the usual join/code/member pages.

Abitlity to Understand 5/5
No problems there, it's a fanlisting for the artist :P

Errors 4/5
on Extra, hide's profile, "spealt" should be "spelled". No errors on the about/code/join/members page. The rest of the extra information I was unable to read through because reading all small caps hurts my eyes.

Bonus 4/5
Like I said before... the fact that you actually have some real information is a big plus ^.~

Overall 30/35
It's a pretty nice fanlisting you have there. I mean, I don't like hide (dead guy.. meh.) but I would have read the information on him if it hadn't been typed in caps, because it looked pretty interesting~ and I looked at the source code; if you really want to type in all caps you can just add "font-variation:small-caps;" to your css instead of having to hit your caps lock key :P

Saturday, March 26th, 2005

Subject:Interstellar Dreams Review.
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:8:48 pm.
Mood: hungry.
Date: 26 March 2005
Name: Interstellar Dreams
URL: http://interstellar-dreams.net
Type: Personal/Domain.

First Impression: 4/5
I like the colours a lot, but the splash page is just a little bit plain.
Extra points for the 'leave' link to google though.

Layout: 3/5
Made for 800x600 and I use 1024x768. Although it works perfectly fine it looks just a little bit plain. I don't really understand why you use an iframe with scrollbars though. Personally I would get rid of those.
The layout image kinda bugs me. It looks rather yellow compaired to the colours of the background and if you used a hard-light layer on it then you made it a little too visible. I'd recommend trying to tone it down a little bit, as Tidus looks rather shiney.

Organization: 5/5
Navigation and organization are perfect.

Content: 5/5
There is a lot of content here, more then I find on some personal/domain sites.
I like how you let people read some older updates and how much information you give on your other sites. Especially since you include all sites, even closed/deleted ones not just current sites.

Ability to understand: 5/5
No problem understanding any part of the site.

Errors: 3/5
In the 'updates' section;

"Added two new affiliates, changed the layout, and got a new tutorial up, on CSS."
The link to the tutorial opens up a white page with black text in the large iframe.

The link to Kloud-Nine opens up in the large iframe.

The link to the winamp skins brings up your (very nice) 404 Error page.

The link to both the tagboard and the archives opens up a black page with broken images in the large iframe.

In the 'links' section;

The link to Beautiful Psychopath (http://www.white-cherry.net/personal/) is broken.

In the 'Contact' section the link to your livejournal opens up in the large iframe... I'm only assuming that it's a mistake.

Bonus: 5/5
A lot of content. Not to mention all of the info on your old sites.

Overall: 30/35 = Great site
Overall your site is very good.
It has more information then most personal/domain websites.
I can't really recommend anything as such to help you improve, I can only suggest that you change the links in the old updates when you change the layout and to remove those scrollbars in the large iframe.
Also, may I suggest you change some of the wording in the 'hosting' section, because you sound quite scary sometimes.
Tell people what you mean by a month. (Do you mean 28 days or do you mean the same date of the following month)
"take advantage of my offering you space." to "Take advantage of the space I have given you."
"my site or other sites." to "My site or someone else's site."
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:12:13 pm.
Webmaster: Psyence

First Impression: 5/5
I love the splash page. Grey on grey often either looks really good, or really awful. You've managed to get the former, rather then the latter.

Layout: 5/5
A lot of white... If the image of hide wasn't in black and white also then I would say it looks cold, but as it is it looks very professional.
This has to be one of the very, very few white layouts that I have ever liked.

Organization: 5/5
Navigation and organization is perfect... Probably better then my own site, actually.

Content: 5/5*
My only complaint here is that there is too much!
I'm not kidding, there is a lot of content in on this website, it took me so long to go through this website that I didn't have time to read my book before going to bed.
All of the graphics are extremely good on this website. I was actually tempted to use one or two of the layouts myself, which is saying something really.
My favourite layouts are the Passion, Lost Complex, Broken Promises, Colorize and Untitled div layouts,

Ability to understand: 5/5*
I had no trouble understanding your website at all.

Errors: 4/5
At first I thought I noticed a few grammar errors, for example, you wrote your name aurora, rather then Aurora... but then I noticed that it was consister through every page of the site, so I'm not going to take away any points for that, as it's obviously intentional personal style, rather then mistakes.

In your poetry section:
There is no link back to the the main poetry from the poem;

You've placed two links to Porcelain angel [16], one in the correct place, one between Perfection [8] and Punishment [9].

In your Short stories section there are a few mistakes in the story Franny, but I won't correct them here because I don't want to put the story up in this community.
If you want me to proof-read the story for you then comment here.

Bonus: 3/5
Your poetry is great... seriously.
My favourite poems are: Blackmail, I hate you, Life's Misgivings, Porcelain Angel, Hush, Musings, Word and hide.

Overall: 32/35 = Excellent Site
No matter how picky I tried to be... it's very, very hard to fault your site.
Only thing I can suggest that may help it improve would be to host your wallpapers and avatars on your site's own server, rather then Photobucket. I know you use Geocities, so that may not be possible, but you could try going onto Pick-me.net and see if anyone would be interested in hosting you on their server. Then that should get rid of that annoyind advert as well.
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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

Subject:Review for 'Ordinary girl"
Posted by:integra1296.
Time:7:11 pm.
Webmaster: Missati DeValois
URL: http://jadematsuri.aolsl.com/enter.html

first impression: 5/5

When I first saw the splash page I thought it's very.....blue.
Though, I do like the colors. Blue and black are one of my favorite color combinations.

layout: 5/5

The layout is great. Like I said before I like the color combo. I also like how the navigation buttons stand out from the rest of the page.

organization : 4/5

The organization is a bit loose. I would suggest putting your character bio's into a single sub section and branching off from there.

content : 5/5

I love the content, it's absolutely perfect for a personal site, It shows who you are well. I especially enjoyed reading the Jade Matsuri page.

ability to understand :4/5

When I first started reading the bio's I wasn't to sure what they were for.....

errors :: 2/5
When you enter the page it comes up as a small box and most of the word "anything" from "Anything but ordinary." gets cut off.

The "back" link brings it to the Main page with out the navigation bar.

The navigation boxes opens another page which gets a bit annoying.

Spelling errors

you had alot of careless spelling errors

in the Jade Matsuri page (http://jadematsuri.aolsl.com/matsuri.html)

"These spells generate heat enough to burn human mouths, blistering the throat and ruining the voice if enough spells are spoken in succession. A distinctive smell also arises from the prescence of Free Magic, a strong, metallic tang instantly identifiable."

Change bold to: "presence"

"As was her duty as the sole survivor of the Matsuri Dynasty's Royal Family, she had to create heirs. Born into royalty, raised by commoners, and trained to kill. Jade's long life has beeen full of angst, love and lost love, violence, war, and moments of boredom. At the age of sixteen, her exceptional skill with a blade landed her into a guild of trained mercenaries for hire. At the top of her class, Jade grew well known real fast, pursued not only by the authorities for some of her missions but by obsessed fans. One of these fans being someone she feared, hated, and eventualy grew to love. His name was Shango Urashima, Prince of Shadows. His unrelenting obsession to posses Jade, to collar her, to make her his, grew into a passionate love when he realized just who Ms. Matsuri was. In her prome (which is now), she is currently single with two healthy daughters already full grown. Jean Sahandarian and Nicole Sahandarian. Jean was born a Garou, Nicole born a Celestia."

Change bold to: "been", eventually", and "prime"

"Jade grew tired of living her life as a mercenary and began to study heavy Necromancy under the tutalege of the Abhorsen. Eventually of course, Jade was forced to take her master's place when he died. Now the once charismatic woman full of life and ahealthy glow, is not a tall, pale, and moody woman. Trips in to Death have made her htis way and the weight of the Bells is quite heavy for a young Necromancer. She has perfected this into an artform however is one of Death's favored assisstants. Unlike most Necromancers however, she works to keep those that already Dead, at rest, as oppose to raising Dead for her bidding..."

Change bold to: "tutelage", " a healthy", "this", and "assistance"

"Jade travels occasionally between RhyDin and her homeland Sukufan. She is not looking for naything in particular, having exhausted al her options. She stays in a small cottage in the woods while in RhyDin, and in Mahdris, the capital of Sukufan, when in her homeland."

Change bold to: "anything"

"These forests are where Kade and Jade met for the first time a few miles from Madhris’ Northern Gate. (Note: They are married in a seperate SL, so disregard the husband part.)"

Change bold to: "separate"

"Since RhyDin is a realm all on its own, Sukufan will be across the ocean. (I'm improvizing here. RhyDin is actually a planet. ^^;;; )"

Change bold to: "improvising"

In the Marcellus page (http://jadematsuri.aolsl.com/marcellus.html)

"She enroleld into boarding school. all was well for a while and Missati elevated as a child prodigy, with a shrewd head for business and a double edged tongue that could make even the strongest of men cry."

Change bold to: "enrolled"

"Missati was the youngest girl in her grade but the most intelligent and witty. She was a natural introvert, always had her nose in books that seemed to be much too advanced for her age group. She had been taugh tthat the key to greatness was knowledge and knowledge was power.

Change bold to: "taught that"

"Then, suddenly, she was called back. The money flow had stopped suddenly and she was back at the Marcellus mansion, watching her faimly pack everything up. Missati's cozy world was shattered for what she thought was forever..."

Change bold to: "family"

"The Marcellus family was torn apart by poverty. Leon and Luciano vanished form her life yet again and Missati took her share of her money to put herself thorugh shcool. There, she met her savior, her friend, her confident, Henry DeSoto."

Change bold to: "through school"

"The Microsoft of Nucelar Power. Soon the Marcellus Misanthrope was born, growing richer and richer by the day. Now she was ready. Her debut back into high society wa sglamourous and now she is one of the most respected names in politics and science..."

Change bold to: "Nuclear" and "was glamorous"

"Word reached Missati that Luciano was dead. Missati did not shed a tear. If anything, she was relieved. Luciano had become infamous on the streets and had not really liked Missati or Leon, thinking them weak and worthless and not worhty of the Marcellus name."

"As if by chance she had been called to the Order of the Cross Bones, her brother had been apart of the ORder at the time and she too kthe first flight to America to see him."

"When she happened upon him he had been Senschal of the Order ,a doppleganger ,and a mysterious one at that."

Change bold to: "worthy", "order" "took the", "Seneschal" and "doppelganger"

"He hada silver tongue, a biting wit, and a big heart despite his lineage. The Desoto family owned a large chain of businesses specializing in resteraunts."

"Henry agreed to assisst her and has been ever since."

Change bold to: "had a", "Restaurants" and "assist"

((Mun note: The pictures that are not of me belong to the respective models/artists and are used to help you imagine what these characters look like. They are not being used for profit. These two characters are moder realistic/modern fantasy only.))

Change bold to: "modern"

On the "Atsuraya" page (http://jadematsuri.aolsl.com/atsuraya.html)

"Bloody Bronze's bloody rampage overran the world of Mira. Yuwaku returned home to find her people desolute and decrepid."

Change bold to: "dissolute" and "decrepit"

"Now she and Bronze are locked in a neverending feud. If one dies, then the other one would fall. Yuwaku is now stuck fighting for a vengance that would never come. Perhaps she would be able to end it all soon..."

Change bold to: "vengeance"

In the rules page (http://jadematsuri.aolsl.com/rules.html)

"-AND NO HERMS. SHE-MEN. OR TRANNIES. You can go pedal that sick fetish elsewhere. I'm not into it, what the hell makes you thinks my character would even be interested in simple conversation with a woman who wantss ny character to suck her dick? Didn't think so."

Change bold to: "wants my"

"*If you're holding a grudge against this mun, this mun would like to know why. If you don't care to explain it to me, I'll hang you out to dry and won't feel bad afterwards. Also, if you're holding a grudge against this mun OOC, don't take it out on me IC because my character would be likely to embarass yours most horribly."

Change bold to: "embarrass"

"*If our characters fight (TBL) and I lose, don't ask me to delete my fucking SN. I will embarass you OOC and then have your punk ass ToSed or something. I will also begin posting wins and kills on this site when I start seeing some good RP out there in AOL's hellish chatrooms."

Change bold to: again "embarrass"

On the "origin" page (http://jadematsuri.aolsl.com/origin.html)

"Greyoko was not the first to have been possessed by the Goddess. Occassionally Shanindola would possess the other Guardians as well. Now, the Angels usually draw their power from their places of origina."

Change bold to: "origin"

"I did all that in third, fourth, and fifth grade. Inspired by Ryoko's gems in Tenchi Muyo! I had Shango create five gems to keep Kitana immortal and alive being that Kitana was half human half angel. Jade promised to let Kitana be raised by Shango at age six in exchange for the gems which were legend. They were caledthe Dark Destiny Zibotsu"

Change bold to: "called the"

"Leviathan was a Necromancer. Jade was still just an angelic assassin. Jade was soon forced to be under Leviathan's suspicious eye when he invited her to dinner a few times. It was jus tthe two of them. Jade was always a sucker for a younger man. Soon, at the price of him teaching her the dark art of Necromancy, Leviathan stopped suspecting her and soon became her teacher and lover. They never married howevr, for the two became bitter enemies when he found out who Jade was."

Change bold to: "just the" and "however"

bonus : 5/5
Bonus! There are a lot of things that I would give you bonus points for One is your writing ability. Like mentioned before I especially enjoyed reading the bio for Jade Matsuri and the history page. and second, is your amazing range of musical taste. Just the fact that you like Jrock gives you cool points in my book.

Total: 30/35 Great site
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Friday, January 21st, 2005

Subject:review for poofy.bit
Posted by:holy_falling.
Time:12:49 am.
Mood: complacent.

website :: poofy.bit

owner :: pan


first impression :: 4 / 5

the splash page looks clean, neat and alluring ^^ usually i would say that pale grey and orange don't really go, but now i'll say that it does ^_^ i especially like the background, mainly because it isn't one of those stripy backgrounds that give you a headache just from looking at it. i especially like the small border that appears around links when you hover over them - very pretty.

the only thing that i would say is wrong is that some people may not notice the 'fanlistings | requirements | affiliates' text. i think that you should make this jump out a bit more, maybe my putting some kind of symbol on each side of the text because i, for on, had trouble finding it later on because it hadn't stuck in my mind enough that it was on the main page. however, it's up to you and i'm only going on how i felt about it.

layout :: 4 / 5

the effect on kaoru is wonderful :3 as i said before i like the background and the i-frame looks incredibly cute [ maybe this is just me that thinks an i-frame can be cute though >.>; ] because it's so small <3 the only thing that i can say that is a bit funky are the 'x' and '+' links at the top of the i-frame. i understand that you might not want to write 'home' and 'tag board' there, but maybe making some kind of title in the html code would help. right now when you hover over the buttons it just says 'title: x' and 'title: +', which isn't much help. try chaging the 'x' and '+' in the title to something like 'home' and 'tag board' or somthing like that.

organization :: 5 / 5

your organization is perfect :3 everything is neat and tidy and i can't find anything that looks like it should be in a different section at all. very well done ^^v

content :: 5 / 5

the content fits perfectly with what you would expect for a personal site. i'm not going to mark you down for what i'm about to say, because it's something that is up to you, but i'll suggest it to you anyway. maybe you should link out to other sites as well as place links for your own site on poofy.bit? that way, people will feel more inclined to link to you if they know that they're going to get a link back.

ability to understand :: 4 / 5

as i've already said the 'x' and '+' buttons at the top of the navigation links are slightly confusing, and i've already suggested a way to fix that. i've also already said about the 'fanlistings | requirements | affiliates' text on the splash page, so i'll move on. there isn't really anything else that i can fault, seeing as i've covered it all already ¬ . ¬'

errors :: 3 / 5

the following errors are spelling errors ::

[ me ]
HABBITS: it annoys the hell out of my when people whisper, or talk with their mouths full. smoking isn't a very nice habbit either... but it's up to the individual - I'm not the tpye of person that will snatch a cigarette out of your mouth and tear it into pieces telling you to stop smoking, but I don't really like it when people smoke near me either...

change to ::

HABITS: it annoys the hell out of my when people whisper, or talk with their mouths full. smoking isn't a very nice habit either... but it's up to the individual - I'm not the type of person that will snatch a cigarette out of your mouth and tear it into pieces while telling you to stop smoking, but I don't really like it when people smoke near me either...

[ me ]
4. CATS: I'm very much a 'cat person'. my family seems to like collecting animals [cats being our speciality]. currently I am honoured enough to know 7 very special cats and 5 gorgeous kittens. a friend of my sisters' once said 'everywhere you look [in our house] you see at least 1 cat'. their names, you ask? going from the oldest: chaos, robert the bruce, flora mcdonald, pushkin, dylan, pablo picasso and mila shorts. and the kittens: ophelia, ptolemy, epsilon, gabriel and lucifer.

change to ::

4. CATS: I'm very much a 'cat person'. my family seems to like collecting animals [cats being our speciality]. currently I am honoured enough to know 7 very special cats and 5 gorgeous kittens. a friend of my sister once said 'everywhere you look [in our house] you see at least 1 cat'. their names, you ask? going from the oldest: chaos, robert the bruce, flora mcdonald, pushkin, dylan, pablo picasso and mila shorts. and the kittens: ophelia, ptolemy, epsilon, gabriel and lucifer.

bonus :: 4 / 5

you get bonus points for your beautiful art and wallpapers, which are very good, even if you say they aren't. also, you get bonus points for your other sites - which are all equally wonderful. i don't know if i'm allowed to give bonus points for other sites, but i am.

Overall :: 29/35 = great site


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Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Subject:Review Que
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:3:21 pm.

Site Name


Site URL


Ordinary Girl

Missati DeValois







Could the owner of this/these sites please email us or leave a comment here telling us where the link back to this community is?



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Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Subject:Review for An'ya Ame
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:8:33 pm.

This is a forum, so I'm not exactly sure how to review it... but here's the best I can do.

First Impression: 3/5
The picture at the top is good, so is the backgroud.
Only thing I don't like is the... what would you call them? Navigation buttons? They look a little messy whatever they are.

Layout: 4/5
It's good, but as I mentioned earlier, the Navigation buttons or whatever they are.
They look messy. Why is the word 'HELP' blurred by the way?
They would look much better if you picked on a border, and used it on all of them, not just some. Also, it would be much better if you 'Greyscaled' all of them, and just had the text in red, though not covering their faces.

Organization: 5/5
Easy to find everything... nothing that I can complain about there.

Rules: 5/5
Nothing wrong with the rules... the board is new, over time you may need to add some, but for now it's fine.

Ability to understand the rules/Navigation: 4/5
The Design section I find a little confusing... I thought at first it was about your duo, but there are posts in there appear to be about general graphic designs.
If it's about your duo then perhaps you should move those posts into 'Gallery'?

Overall: 21/25 = Great Site.
Overall, it's a good forum... although it's a little too new for me to be able to judge it fully.
A suggestion would be for you to have more Moderators, although I wouldn't worry about it until after you get more members.
Also it might be advisable to change the 'You must post rule' to:
You have to post, if you don't most your account will be deleted.
If you want to you can always rejoin.

Friday, December 24th, 2004

Subject:Water Drop Review
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:9:53 pm.
Mood: cheerful.

First Impression: 4/5
The Splash page is a little plain... This is just a suggestion, but perhaps if you centered it it would look a little better, it's still looks okay though.
The website layout is great. I love it.

Layout: 4/5
I love the layout... although when you scroll down it begins to look a little plain, as the top image ends and all that's left is white.

Organization: 5/5
Nothing bad to say here... It's better organised then my website.

Content: 3/5
There is a fair amount of content here... although some of the graphics aren't of the best quality... It's not that they're ugly, because they're actually quite good, it's just that it's the actual image, it looks like you softened them a lot to hide noise or the fact that you resized them. I'm not sure, but it seems to me like you either need to resize them differently or save them differently, I'm not sure which as I don't know which program you use. Also perhaps you could try searching for better quality images.

Ability to understand: 3/5
I found the Request, Reviews and Submit section a little hard to understand at first. You should make it more clear what you mean by 'request' and 'submit'. Also you should make it clear that it is reviews of your website in the 'reviews' section, not reviews you have done of other people's websites.

Errors: 0/5

On the home page;
Unknown/Misc. Winamp SKin (1) Would look much better if it was '1 Unknown/Misc. Winamp Skin.'

In the About section;

"Lookit me smile" Should be 'Look at me smile'.
"Can't wait for the new movie to come out! FF7 Advent Children 2005!!!" Really should be "I can't wait for the new movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, to be released!"

In the Aim Expressions section;
Full Moon wo Saga should be 'Full Moon wo Sagashite'

In the Joined section;
All except the last two Final Fantasy fanlistings open up in your website's Frame or Iframe and one of the links are broken.

In the Links section;
The link for a link exchange doesn't work.
Also the link for Disillusioned Fantasies doesn't work either.

In the Wallpaper section;

One of the Final Fantasy wallpapers don't work. The 1024X768 version of this one.
The second Fruits Basket wallpaper, the sizes are mixed up, when I click on 800X600 it gives me the 1024X768 and the 1024X768 gives me 800X600

All of the Fushigi Yugi wallpapers either open up in your frame (I assume that is a mistake as your other wallpapers open up in new windows) or are broken links.
Most of the Rurouni Kenshin ones also open up in the frame and the 1024X768 version of this wallpaper is a broken link.

Bonus: 0/5

Overall: 19 = Good Site
This site has a lot of potential, it's just not being used. Perhaps if the images used in it's graphics were better quality then this site would be awesome.

Monday, December 20th, 2004

Subject:Silent_Verse Review
Posted by:_raspberry_jam.
Time:4:25 pm.
Mood:Eh, something...

First Impression:: 5/5

I did enjoy opening up the window and looking at nice colors, and having a .gif flasher in the opening where it showed all the members. Very nice to match.


Layout:: 4/5

Uhm, the layout is sort of plain. It kind of lacks in use of more colors. Though the blue does match very well, I would like to see more color in it to catch the viewers attention just a little more than right now. But it is easy to get around in, and can be understood without troubles.

Organization:: 5/5

You organized things pretty well. Understandable, and it makes it a whole lot easier for viewers to get access around it.

Content:: 4/5

You did have great history background, and they were pretty nice, but the profiles are what to me, sort of need work.  They do provide good information, but maybe just a bit more would be good ^^. Also, in the "About Me" section you mispelled a word, Family. Not that big of a deal, but just wanted to point that out to you.

Ability to understand:: 5/5

Everything is 100% Understandable ^^

Errors:: 4/5

In the profiles section, some of the words were spaced a little too far apart. And there was that one word that was mispelled which I have already pointed out. Also I'm not too sure on how 'rammen' is spelt, but I am pretty sure it's one m, not two. And all of the links worked fine.

Bonus:: 5/5

Overall, I did enjoy the site. The affiliates and feedback sections are pretty cool. ^^ I really like those. Nice colors for the Affiliates section. Like I said, I really like those two sections.

Overall:: 32/35= Excellent Site ^^

A very nice site indeed, I hope you succeed in what you have in mind for it.


Saturday, December 11th, 2004

Subject:chemical 69 review
Posted by:holy_falling.
Time:7:05 pm.
first impression :: 4 / 5

i love the background vertical stripes and the pink - it makes your site look very pretty and generally a nice site to visit. i'm not sure about the image though, because it does look slightly dodgy, but then you might want that kind of 'x-rated' feel. i don't mind the image all that much though, and i agree - she is very gorgeous ^_^

layout :: 4 / 5

great ^_^ i love layouts like this and i especially like the fact that you've fitted your site to both 800 / 600 and 1024 / 768 screens. well done ^^ the only other things that i can complain about your layout is that the grey background colour in your text boxes clashes with the pink in the rest of the site. i think that it's a little too dark and that maybe if it was just a few shades lighter then it would look a lot better. i think that you have a few too many boxes of information down the right hand side of the screen and it irks me slightly that users using 800 x 600 resolution have to scroll down for quite a while to get to the bottom of it all. you might want to think about removing some of the things shown on that side into different sections or removing them altogether, but it's your choice.

organization :: 4 / 5

your site has very good organization - everything is easy to find and very clear. i like the way that you've written a short discription of what's in each section in your navigation links. there are very few sites that do this and it think that it's a very good idea - well done. the only thing that i would change is the order of your navigation links. personally, i would put them in this order ::

-Return home

-HTML, CSS, PSP, Livejournal

-Looking to get hosted?

-A short bio

-My other projects

- Frequently Asked Questions (popup)

-Various recommended links

-Listings, cliques etc.

-Please leave me your feedback. It's appriciated.

but, again, it's up to you.

content :: 4 / 5

great content, but just a few problems with where some things are placed. i think that the links to your site should be placed in the links section, as they are links. some people may find them hard to find when they're looking to link back to your with an image link. i also think that you should place your email in the line 'Spotted an error? Please let me know.' in your 'DOMAIN' section. i love the 'TUTORIALS' section by the way, and will probably use a lot of the info there :3

ability to understand :: 5 / 5

you site is very easy to understand, and i don't think that anyone could get lost or fail to comprehend any of it. you've marked everything out and made sure that everything is clear, so you get 5 / 5 for that. go you.

errors :: 5 / 5

amazing - i can't find one single spelling error and i've been all over the side to find at least one ^^' so very well done on that section, because not many sites have no spelling errors what so ever. also, all of your links work - basically, there are no errors on your site at all. i applaud you ^_^

bonus :: 3 / 5

i love your 'Tutorials & Scripts' links, and have bookmarked all of them. i also love your 'TUTORIALS' section and your other projects are great and have also been bookmarked ^_^

Overall: 29/35 = great site

overall i think your site is great. i love your layout and the general content of your site is both interesting and good to look at. well done ^_^

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Thursday, December 9th, 2004

Subject:Crimson Poison review
Posted by:integra1296.
Time:11:46 am.
Date: December 9th, '04
Name: Crimson Poison
URL: http://crimsonpoison.net
Type: Graphics

First Impression: 5/5
I love the opening page. The colors match well and I like how you have the fan listings where they are easy to find.

Layout: 3/5
The layout overall is a bit....plain. But, it is easy to understand and navigate.

Organization: 5/5
Organization seems to be perfect other than the "friends only signs" pop-up box mentioned in the errors section.

Content: 5/5
I love the content of your site. Esp. the FAQ's and editorials. Very nice.

Ability to understand: 5/5
100% understandable.

Errors: 2/5
In the downloads section, When you click on any link (i.e. banners, buttons, avatars. etc.) a pop-up box for the friends only signs appear.

There were a total of 8 broken images.

The image on the webmaster page.

3 banners: http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsbuttons-chobits.gif, http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsbuttons-lovehina.gif, and http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsbuttons-magicknightrayearth.gif
and 4 avatars: http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsavatars-ccs3.gif, http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsavatars-castlevania.gif, http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsavatars-chobits.gif, and http://crimsonpoison.net/downloadgraphicsavatars-mars.gif

Spelling and grammatical errors:
there are only a few here and there, here are the ones that really irk me:
(errors and comments will be underlined and bolded)

Then what is 'Manga'?

Also, there are a lot of very mangas (very what manga's?) that have never been turned into an anime, so if you only watch anime and never read manga, then you're missing out.

The link to go to "How do I get you to link my site?" says "Who do I get you to link my site?"

Bonus: 5/5
I was absolutly smitten with your anime/manga, jrock, and language FAQ's so, Extra cool points for you ^_^

Overall: 30/35 = Great site
The only things that REALLY stopped you from getting and excellent rating was the really annoying pop-up box and broken images.
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Posted by:holy_falling.
Time:2:23 am.
Mood: thirsty.
high, i'm Psyence ^_^

i'm a reviewer on this community. i'm generally quite leniant on most things and i'm not very harsh when it comes to reviewing but some things irk me more than others. for example, for those of you who use page builder i have no problem with the fact that you do, but if everything is all over the place and messy then i will deduct points and criticize. layouts are important to me so i'll look out for that too, also, navigation is something i'm very fussy about.

i've been doing html for 4 years now, but have only known it properly for the pst 2 years. i have a number of sites over the Internet for different bands and also a personal site. in other words : i love html and i know quite a bit about it.

i'll try and not be biased or cruel when i review and will try and keep an open mind ... but if i'm overly cruel then i'm sorry ... [ your site might deserve it though >.>; ]


Subject:Frozen-Rain Designs
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:1:39 am.
Date: 09 December 2004
Name: Frozen-Rain Designs
URL: http://www.frozen-rain.net
Type: Graphics

First Impression: 4/5
Looks good... although the blue on solid white makes the website look a little cold.

Layout: 4/5
I love the image, it looks amazing.
I assume this website is optimized for a 800X600 screen resolution, although it looks fine on my 1024X768 resolution.
The only thing that stopped you from getting the full 5 points is that as I said just now, the blue on solid white looks a little cold.

Organization: 4/5
At first the navigation is a little confusing, but the organization is perfect.

Content: 5/5
My only complaint here is that there is too much!
I'm not kidding, there is a lot of content in on this website, it took me so long to go through this website that I didn't have time to read my book before going to bed.
All of the graphics are extremely good on this website. I was actually tempted to use one or two of the layouts myself, which is saying something really.
My favourite layouts are the Passion, Lost Complex, Broken Promises, Colorize and Untitled div layouts,

Ability to understand: 5/5
I had no trouble understanding your website at all.

Errors:</b> 3/5
There weren't many, and on a site as big as yours that is quite an accomplishment.
The only spelling/grammar/etc. Mistake that I found that was big enough to bug me was the title of the All that WeiB div layout, which should be All that Weiß, although that's such a minor complaint it's not worth taking any points off.
Although I did find a couple broken links and a broken image. most of the links are on the credits or contributors page.
The link to http://wildx.org/ is broken, so are http://cch.frozen-wings.net/, http://www.frozen-rain.net/www.neyerilla.com, http://enix.yamiyume.org/, and you accidently left an unwanted " before the slash in the URL to http://www.autumn-storm.net on the 'contributers' page, so the link doesn't work.
http://www.boyis.com/ opens up on an advertisment, as does http://www.kiaka.net/.
http://www.frozen-rain.net/wallpapers/ccs/002_800x600.gif, http://www.frozen-rain.net/wallpapers/ccs/002_1024x768.gif, http://www.frozen-rain.net/wallpapers/ccs/003_800x600.gif, http://www.frozen-rain.net/wallpapers/ccs/003_1024x768.gif are all broken
The link to the contest page is broken.
the image for one of your vote for me buttons is broken.
Usually I would deduct more points, but because of the size of your site it would be unreasonable.

Bonus: 5/5
Your links are amazing, I've bookmarked a lot of them.
I adore how the button changes when you hover over the name of one of your affiliates.
The 'free advertising' is a cool idea

Overall: 30/35 = Great site
Overall your site is awesome.
Your graphics are amazing and if my own website wasn't a graphics website I would definately use them myself.
The only thing that stopped it from scoring 'excellent' were the broken links.
With the exception of the links I can't complain about anything on the site.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

Subject:Request a review.
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:5:46 pm.
Before you make a request please make sure you read our rules. If you haven't yet then you can read them here.
To request a review please leave a comment here telling us:
Your name/nickname
Your email address
Website URL
Website title
Requested reviewer
(All subjects in bold text are required. If you do not wish to reveal your email address here then please send an email, including the above information, to reviews @ crimsonpoison.net. Remember to remove the spaces)
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Saturday, November 27th, 2004

Subject:Introducing Sascha
Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:8:18 pm.
Mood: good.
I probably should of done this earlier.

My name is Sascha, I am the creator and head-reviewer of this community.
I've been designing graphics for over a year now, I've also known HTML for over 2 years.
I will try to give an honest review without being overly cruel or kind to your website.
When juding your website I will first judge on 1: Layout and Graphics, 2: Navigationability 3: Content and 4: Understandability (If you use a lot of internet slang or TyPE LikE THIs then that will be deducted from your score)
Although I have always created my own graphics I won't judge you poorly if you use a website designed by someone else, as long as you credit them. Also, unlike some other reviewers, if you use a page-builder then I will not deduct that from your score either... I will on the other hand be more critical of the content and colour co-ordination of the site.

Thursday, November 25th, 2004

Posted by:kiniro_ryu.
Time:1:55 am.
This is a new community, with only one member currently, although I am looking for more.
I'm currently looking for websites to review (Don't worry, although I won't sugar coat anything I won't be be totally heartless, and I will suggest anything I can think of to help improve your website.) and also for reviewers (who preferably know HTML and will review the same way I will, which is not sugar-coated but not cruel either, just the happy in between)
Please comment here if you want to become a reviewer (you have to have a website, or some other proof of your HTML skills up though, so that I can see you know what you're talking about) or if you want your website reviewed (please tell me what kind of website it is before hand though and if it's not 100% complete at least make sure it's about 80% complete, also I won't review any adult websites or anything like that)
Thank you.

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